Ellen Angelico

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If you took the best guitar player you know and the funniest person you know and shook them up in a bag, that would be a very mean thing to do to two people. But if they amalgamated into one person in the bag-shaking process, they might turn out a bit like Ellen Angelico: a busy multi-instrumentalist known for her professionalism, style, and bright personality. She has been featured on numerous records and she has played just about everywhere from The Grand Ole Opry to Križanke.

When she is not backing up a variety of talented acts, (Uncle Kracker, Delta Rae, Ty Herndon, Alanna Royale, Becca Mancari, Wheeler Walker Jr., Sonia Leigh, Kalie Shorr, everyone/their dog, etc.) she busies herself producing YouTube videos for Fanny's House of Music, a legendary Nashville guitar store. She also occasionally scrapes together some money to record her own songs, first in 2016 with her EP, "Rootin' Tootin' Boot Scootin' Hootenanny."

Showing no signs of knowing how to slow down and take a break, Ellen has supplemented her full touring schedule with the release of her newest EP, "Haven't Changed Much." She looks forward to playing her own music every once in a while and sincerely hopes you enjoy the tunes.




G&L Tribute ASAT Semi-Hollow Bluesboy
Gibson ES-339
Dismal Ax Barnstormer
Fender Modern Player Short Scale Telecaster
Squier Bullet 1 Strat
Danelectro Vintage 56 Baritone
Fender FB-59
Gibson TB-100
Kentucky KM-250S
Takamine P5NC
Epiphone Masterbilt EF-500R
Gibson LG-0
GFI S-10 E
Ibanez Silver Series Lawsuit P Bass
LR Baggs Venue and Para DI's
Lots of cool pedals, some made by Ellen!
Mesa Boogie Mark I Reissue
Silvertone 1484
Silvertone 1472
Teisco Checkmate 22
Boss Katana
Fender Champ
And way, way more. Too much, probably.